Yearly, I make it a point to save enough money to buy gifts for each of my family members. I start my Christmas shopping by end of November. I try my best to make it in time for the Christmas season sale. I visit bazaars and trade fairs for cheaper wholesale products. I also check online for discounted gift items. Most of the time, the online prices are way cheaper than those from stores and the best thing is your products are shipped so it lessens the cost of gas. It saves me a lot of time and money. For my father, I ordered him a vintage watch from an online vintage store. It’s a Brietling watch and he just loved it! I also got him a vintage tie because he’s kind of a collector.

Though his collection is not too big, he still loves getting a new tie for himself so I opted to get him a new one. For my mother, because she’s such a huge fan of coffee, I got her a Keurig Coffee Machine. This comes with keurig k cups but because my mother drinks coffee daily, I also ordered her a couple of extra boxes of cups. I got it online, too, and ordered the k cups best price. It was way cheaper than the boxes I saw from the grocery store. I also got her a monthly subscription so her boxes of coffee will be delivered to her once a month! It’s an amazing deal.